Opening Hours:


Agency Phone lines:

Monday - Friday: 9am to 7pm

Saturday 10am to 7pm

Sun: 11am to 7pm


Booking Availability:

Monday to Friday 9am-11pm

Saturday 10am-11pm

Sunday 11am-11pm


All bookings must be made before the agency phone lines close.


If you would like to make a pre-booking when the agency lines are closed you can send a text message to 07520615105.


Please provide the following information:



Day/Date of Booking




Duration of Booking

Incall or Outcall


Reception staff will reply at the earliest convenience or when agency lines are open.


Text message will be dealt with in day and time order.


Priority will go to client that reply first. ( Booking times will not be held)


No 30 min Incall Pre-bookings will be taken

*fields MUST be filled in