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McKenzies is delighted to introduce to you a really lovely young woman called Demi. Demi is originally from Spain. She has many of the classic Spanish looks to her appearance and speaks with a very soft Mediterranean accent.

Demi has a real love of life and has a natural ability to converse with anyone. She is a genuine lover of people and enjoys meaningful conversation. She is the type of person that is instantly likeable and many of her first-time clients have commented on how they have felt as though they had known her for a long time even though they had only just met. Not only is she an excellent conversationalist; she is also a very good listener and genuinely loves getting to know her clients on a personal basis.

Demi has been blessed with a natural womanly figure and has curves in all the right places. She is 5ft 6in tall and a size 10 dress. With a 36 D bust measurement she is an absolute delight for gentlemen who prefer to see their ladies with a slightly fuller figure and larger breast size.

Demi has beautiful brown eyes and long, straight, brunette hair that she occasionally pins up to give her an even more sophisticated look. She is always dressed immaculately and presents herself to a very high standard. McKenzies is confident that she will become a very popular choice of escort for gentlemen across the board.

To book Demi please call

0113 876 0760

(Our phones are sometimes very busy, if you can't get through please keep trying.)

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17th December 2018

Well, well - round two with this sexy senorita. Demi is gorgeous - blown away with her sexiness and her natural beauty. Couldn't stop looking into her eyes. Christ, I wish I'd met her earlier 'cos now she's given me a problem - how to find excuses for another visit to Leeds. Hope to see you again, if not then thank you - "less is better than never". Your toro.

  • Reviewer: Javier
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
16th December 2018

Demi she is one sexy lady her service and performance was out of this world. 5*++++

  • Reviewer: David Q
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
27th November 2018

Demi is such a lovely girl. Honest, sweet-natured, kind-hearted, fun to be with and awesomely sexy. Thank you darling for a wonderful hour. xxx

  • Reviewer: Nick
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
27th November 2018

I was met by the beautiful Demi and made to feel welcome and relaxed. Her pictures do not do her justice. This is a warm, loving and exciting woman who will make you feel like a king. Engaging and enthusiastic. Gents treat yourself.

  • Reviewer: David
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
6th November 2018

Another great hour spent with my favourite senorita see you soon.

  • Reviewer: David Q
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
24th October 2018

It’s the first time I’ve seen Demi her photos do her any justice as they make her look a lot larger than what she actually is.
She’s got such a lovely figure and her looks are out of this world, But the best thing is her character she just makes you feel so comfortable as if you had known her for years seeing her again is like getting dressed I must do it.

  • Reviewer: David
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
9th October 2018

Well that’s start with the stunning smile what ample assets very passionate genuine experience feeling very privileged to spend time with this lovely lady

  • Reviewer: Marc
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
8th October 2018

Saw the beautiful looking Demi again and she's becoming addictive! Another fantastic hour spent in her company. Can't express in words how wonderful she is. She makes me feel so comfortable and we get on like a house on fire. She is one sexy lady and so charming and attentive and satisfying. We both had a good time and I will be back. Adiós hasta la próxima

  • Reviewer: David Q
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
30th September 2018

Demi is such a wonderful and lovely person, I must see her again

  • Reviewer: Andrew Harrop
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
23rd September 2018

Had a wonderful Sunday afternoon with Demi today. She was lively, engaging and seductive. Fantastic experience.

  • Reviewer: Tony
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
17th September 2018

What an absolute gem Demi is! She is as well as good looking also has an A1 personality. Demi was so easy to get on with you can also have a laugh with her which made the time spent with her fantastic. She knows what she is doing and both enjoyed our time spent, will definitely. 6*

  • Reviewer: David Q
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
12th September 2018

Wow what can I say that has not been said before. She is a lovely natural lady, great conversationalist and a real vixen ! Treat her nicely and respectfully if you want to experience Demi to the full, she wont hold back !

  • Reviewer: Richard
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
9th September 2018

Well whats left to say, think everyone who's ever books this lady has nothing but very good thing to say.
With glee in my eye, smile on my face, an a head that in the clouds.
What a wounderful feeling this Lady gives.
Like most review ill be back.

  • Reviewer: Ian
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
16th August 2018

Demi was every bit as I remembered from a while ago. She is a gorgeous lady with a beautiful smile, sensitive manner and a voluptuous body - and she is sexy as hell!!
And the there's the beautiful, sexy Spanish accent - brilliant, I will be back !!

  • Reviewer: Andrew
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
22nd July 2018

Best Duo , Demi & Isabella !! 2 hot ladies ever , I ll definitely do it, again

  • Reviewer: Your Minion
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
1st July 2015

Demi - Is totally mind blowing. She is a total show stopper and an absolute pleasure to spend some time with. My world had literally stopped for 60mins. I don't think any time or price could be given to this gem of a woman. Totally perfect in every single way. I certainly won't be forgetting our experience.

  • Reviewer: Sam
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
5th June 2015

I've been to see Demi a few times now and once again this beautiful lady gets better every time I see her she is like vintage champagne you can never have enough she would leave an everlasting memory in anyone's mind she is not only beautiful in looks but in her personality as well

  • Reviewer: John
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
1st June 2015

Went to see Demi who is a warm and welcoming woman. A smile that lights up her face and a charm that is a wonder to be the recipient of. Attentive and ensures you leave feeling great. For those that enjoy a woman with curves in all the right places and a very natural woman then look no further.

  • Reviewer: Things That Shine!!
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
31st May 2015

Demi is a sexy fantastic girl that sure knows what a man wants and enjoys and goes that extra mile to keep you in a state of excellent good feeling and wellbeing weeks after the appointment. She's such a great girl.

  • Reviewer: Ticklish John
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
15th May 2015

Demi is a warm, kind, caring and very beautiful girl.

  • Reviewer: John
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
6th May 2015

Demi, again she never fails to astound me with her beauty and personality in my eyes she is every mans dream of the perfect woman. Once again I also thank Mckenzies for having such beautiful ladies working for them

  • Reviewer: John
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
8th March 2015

Amazing again, 4th time seeing Demi and gets better and better with each visit xxx

  • Reviewer: Sean75
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
7th March 2015

Have seen Demi before and she is always welcoming, warm and attentive. Aims to please and enjoys being pleased. As usual the hour flew by all too quickly. If you like a great and attractive personality and a woman with curves in all the right places then this is the woman for you.

  • Reviewer: Mirror Man
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
7th March 2015

Once again I went to see Demi and this lady is like vintage champagne and caviar, you can never get enough I've seen Demi a few times now and she just blows my mind every time she is the best of the best.

  • Reviewer: John
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
27th February 2015

Once again amazing 10 out of 10 she certainly makes my world a lot brighter thanks to Mckenzies for having such a beautiful lady at their agency I'm just so happy when I've been to see Demi I will be back again soon

  • Reviewer: John
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
11th February 2015

Once again I went to see Demi and this lady always amazes me with her appearance and beauty I feel as though I've known her for years she is so graceful she would be the center of attention at any social event she leaves a beautiful memory in my mind

  • Reviewer: John
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
4th February 2015

I went to see Demi once again I haven't seen this beautiful lady for a while now and she certainly put the spark into me for the hour I was there ive seen a few girls and she is the best she makes you feel so relaxed and she certainly pushes the right buttons for me I can't wait till I see her again she's the best thing to come out of Spain her beauty astounds me

  • Reviewer: John
  • Rating: 5 Star Escort Agency
16th November 2014

Once again I booked Demi and yet again she always seems to look like a goddess of beauty and her personality is so pleasing and charming if everyone could treat people like Demi does then the world would be a far better place on top of that she would leave all the the so called beautiful ladies in second place to her

  • Reviewer: John
4th November 2014

I went to see Demi last night it's not first time. But she is such beautiful lady and she has got such a wonderful personality she certainly knows how to make a man feel ecstatic she's got to be one of the sexiest girls I've ever had the pleasure to meet I've seen others but she's the best by far I will be there again in the near future .

  • Reviewer: John
27th September 2014

Just spent a wonderful 90 mins with Demi, so much so I'm already thinking of excuses to travel back to Leeds! Gorgeous person in every aspect. Thank you Demi!

  • Reviewer: Chris
27th September 2014

I saw Demi last night and what a beautiful and stunning lady she is and a person who makes you feel so relaxed and at home inher company words can't describe how sexy this lady is all I can say thank you god for putting this heavenly lady on this earth .

  • Reviewer: John
27th June 2014

Well Demi ticks all the boxes and as a great personality,She just has this way with her that sets up a good ambiance for your time together like you have known her for years,And is very funny and witty,And delivers all this like a true girl friend.Gracias Demi hasta luego cuidados.Cyclinglad.

  • Reviewer: Tony
27th June 2014

What a lovely lady! Lady of my dream. Every time I meet her, missing her more. Current profile pictures are not doing proper justice to her. She is far far better than that, glimpse we get from her private gallery.

  • Reviewer: Jony
12th June 2014

What a gorgeous genuine lady relaxed throughout. Will book again for sure.

  • Reviewer: The Car Buyer
5th June 2014

Demi is a dream of a lady exactly as described and she blew me away havnt seen a woman like that ever extremely relaxing and felt like someone I had known for ever was at ease immediately. She knew which buttons to push how and when to push them.
Will be back next week. She was very honest and trusting counting the time till I can see her again.

  • Reviewer: Your Shopping Partner
19th May 2014

My latest visit to my Spanish beauty was as delightful as ever. I cannot get over how friendly and welcoming this woman is. Great personality to go with a gorgeous body which makes for a fun loving time.

  • Reviewer: Greg
2nd May 2014

I could not stop myself to visit her for the second time and again she has proved that she is the perfect example of theory of relativity, two hours were just like two minutes. Price can't buy her, hoping to see you again señorita.

  • Reviewer: Jony
29th April 2014

She is one of the best lady I have ever met. Simply amazing and hoping to visit you soon senorita.

  • Reviewer: Jony
23rd April 2014

Sexy lady she is the best escort in leeds by far.

  • Reviewer: David
10th April 2014

what can i say but one sexy young lass 10 out 10

  • Reviewer: Pete
29th March 2014

brilliant evening with a beautiful senorita

  • Reviewer: John
12th March 2014

A late booking as I was in Leeds and Demi was available. Elegant and looking great in a figure hugging purple dress was enough to take my breath away !!!!Dreams can become reality. Have fun guys!!

  • Reviewer: Old Fish Lips!!
11th March 2014

Once again i went to see demi and she was as stunning as as she always is she never lets me down she always looks superb she makes me feel as though im on cloud nine i always leave her feeling as though ive just won the lottery that is how good this dark haired beuty is

  • Reviewer: Donald
6th March 2014

once again I went to see Demi this lady is such a stunning and beautiful person she is a very contagious person and I will definitely see her again in the not to distant future because she would make mans day complete

  • Reviewer: Donald Lewis
5th March 2014

She opened the door looking stunning in a black skirt and top with her dazzling smile and long dark hair. I was hooked and she was delightful company and knows how to make a man feel great. Thanks Demi

  • Reviewer: Not Quite "mr Hardy"
26th February 2014

once again I went to see Demi this evening she is such a beautiful lady very witty and very intelligent she also makes you feel so relaxed as though you are in heaven and if this is what heaven is like I cant wait to go there

  • Reviewer: Donald Lewis
24th February 2014

I have met demi for the first time this evening she is one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever had the pleasure to be with she is very sexy and she also makes you feel at home when you are in her company I left this beautiful lady at the end of our time together feeling like a million dollars

  • Reviewer: Donald
19th February 2014

Seen Demi a few times now and each time things get better and better. This woman picks up conversation from where it was left and remembers what has been said. As for the rest...well a gentleman never tells....but why do I keep going back!!!

  • Reviewer: To Be Toy!!
15th February 2014

Absolutely perfect in every way!

To top of the experience the green tea n lemon with Turkish Delight was superb.

Halifax's number one Fan..

  • Reviewer: Jay
20th January 2014

I am always skeptical, but can now vouch that all the reviews on Demi here are totally accurate. The BEST 3 hours I have EVER spent in my 42 years of living with a girl who is not only beautiful on the outside but inside too. I could not fault this unassuming beauty in any way. A real credit to Mckenzies. Jay

  • Reviewer: Jay
8th December 2013

Demi is one hell of a lady,very very sexy all that spanish passion comes pouring out fantastic time .xxx

  • Reviewer: Kevin
26th November 2013

I have met Demi a number of times now and always left smiling from ear to ear. This time was no different. This gorgeous woman makes you smile, feel great and is always attentive. Attractive, winning smile and a full curvy woman who knows how to make a man feel great. Thanks

  • Reviewer: Silicone Bottom
18th November 2013

She stole my heart..gorgeous..natural beauty and she has mesmerizing smile..Demi darling! cant forget you..

  • Reviewer: Jack
18th November 2013

As charming as ever. Great fun with a gorgeous woman. This lady knows how to please a man. No rush and made me want to see her again and again.... see you very soon Demi....

  • Reviewer: Old Fat Lad!!
29th October 2013

I met with Demi and Isabella for a wonderful appointment on my journey to work and was not disappointed! Full marks to reception ladies Charlotte and Millie for making it happen and even more full marks to these gorgeous senoritas for making my evening. Both stunningly attractive, equally attentive and great fun. Oh and incredibly sexy as well! XX to both.

  • Reviewer: Bob
20th October 2013

Just had awesome time with demi.when you see the photo of demi there's a small green box with the word elite.this box needs to be ten times bigger the letters elite multi coloured, flashing on and off,and with classical music playing in the background a stunning ,attractive and seductive girl .big x from my demi

  • Reviewer: Dan The Man
27th July 2013

Profile by Mckenzie escorts hit the nail on the head.Had a really good time,worth every penny.

  • Reviewer: Paul
17th July 2013

Second time seeing demi and will be seeing her again! Highly recommend her to anyone!

  • Reviewer: B81
17th June 2013

10 out of 10 for demi nice person great body,easy to talk too

  • Reviewer: Sean75
7th June 2013


  • Reviewer: B81
26th May 2013

This is the second time I have booked an escort through Mckenzies, and again great service from the reception staff and again I have had a beautiful girl arrive at my door. Demi is a very beautiful person in looks and personality, she makes you feel at ease from the moment she enters your house, her pictures don't show how beautiful she really is, and a body from heaven, If I won the lottery I would book her 24/7, thanks Demi had a great time will book again x

  • Reviewer: Lucky12
9th March 2013

Demi is without doubt drop dead gorgeous, she as the most beautiful eyes, and gorgeous black hair, but the most important thing is she is so friendly and nice, will look forward to seeing her again, 5 star escort. xxxx

  • Reviewer: Russell
3rd March 2013

What an incredible lady Demi is , simply sumptuous and splendid . A smile worth a million and a beautiful physique . All in all an outstanding courtesan escort . Great personality and conversationalist . Demi is simply a gift from heaven . An angel . Thanks for a memorable time

  • Reviewer: Mr
1st March 2013

i really dont know how i can put my visit to see demi in words , which truly describe her beauty, personality and character . After my first ever meeting with demi, im clearly lost for words . she is the most attractive and good looking lady I've ever seen, and what intrigued me the most was her profound personality and how well mannered she is. she has the most beautiful smile and wonderful physique. my time with demi was one in a million and im looking forward to another meeting . demi comes highly reccomended and rated, and rightly so . my meeting with demi, has endorsed and reinforced, clients comments of her, I think her photos dont do her justice, shes worth a million. to put in simpler terms, if you were to wake up in the moning next to someone, it would have to be demi ! amazing xxxxx

  • Reviewer: Shyguy
27th February 2013

An amazing women to spend time with, demi makes you feel comfortable and keeps you wanting more..What an experience!

  • Reviewer: Dave
12th February 2013

Thanks Demi for a wonderful afternoon. A real delight to be with, very attractive with seductive sexy eyes and a real passion for enjoying the time as much as I did.

Very natural, good conversation , what more could a man ask for!!

  • Reviewer: David A
9th January 2013

Had a great time with Demi. A gorgeous woman with a warm personality.

  • Reviewer: Greg
10th December 2012

Wow! A stunning girl, with lovely curves in all the right places. Really nice personality & smile too.

  • Reviewer: James
28th October 2012

My dream come true!

  • Reviewer: Dean
16th September 2012

A heavenly shaped figure with a million dollar smile. Spent every minute in total admiration. Totally relaxed and can make you feel young again. Thank you. Two times. Xx

  • Reviewer: Jay From Halifax
28th July 2012

Utterly scrumptious! What a lovely, sexy lady.
Thank you for a great time xx

  • Reviewer: Simon
19th July 2012

Demi is a fantastic companion and puts you at ease immediately, which for a "newbie" is a great comfort. She is sexy, sensuous and the perfect lady to spend time with.

Whever I am in Leeds, I will be calling for Demi.

  • Reviewer: Pat
18th July 2012

Demi gave me a warm welcome and made me feel relaxed and most importantly wanted. She is not only beautiful but warm and kind, I am not going to forget our time together. So I thank her for a lovely time and look forward to another meeting.

  • Reviewer: Mark
14th July 2012

Simply the best

  • Reviewer: Pete
11th July 2012

Not used this agency before and the receptionist was very helpful. Having visited this site I knew I wanted to see Demi and she was available. Met by a gorgeous young woman who soon put me at ease. Warm, friendly attractive with a great body with curves in all the right places. The pictures are a true likeness as I love natural women. Great time and great fun. Thanks Demi.

  • Reviewer: Greg
15th June 2012

she's beautiful,very popular,funny and a seductive smile!!!all in one..see you soon..H

  • Reviewer: Hussain
14th June 2012

i have been whith demi many times she is one the the most nicest gilrlst i have been with in my life im relally gonna miss her so much i hope i will see her again soon

  • Reviewer: Mody
8th June 2012

Amazing person body smile

Mucho grasias chica


  • Reviewer: Chris
8th June 2012

A very special girl, flirty, fun and absolutely stunning with the most amazing smile you’ll ever lay eyes on. C Xx

  • Reviewer: C
6th June 2012

she's amazing she just made my day .ricki seee you soon

  • Reviewer: Ricki
1st June 2012

Demi is gorgeous, beautiful eyes and the rest is amazing, photographs dont do her justice, lovely girl treat her with respect and you will be rewarded.

  • Reviewer: Steve
10th April 2012

Ole, ole y ole. What a lady. Demi was extremely nice and a pleasure to talk to, very interesting aswell, add to that her gorgeous physique and beautifully face I had an incredible date. She put me at ease from the moment we met. I want her for myself only!!!!

I really hope to see her again when in Leeds. Mckenzies well done, you have a true treasure in Demi.

  • Reviewer: Ty
9th April 2012

I really enjoyed my time with Demi. She is very sexy and passionate, and I also found her very friendly and sincere.

  • Reviewer: German Ian
1st April 2012

A very sexy sensual senorita . This lady is worth the money unlike other fake ladies a genuine gfe unrushed no clock watching, hour glass figure i always use this agencies whilst in leeds x thanks Demi ure latino x MUCHAS GRACIAS

  • Reviewer: Zain-Latino
25th February 2012

Demi is a beautiful Spanish lady,and I really enjoyed the time I spent with her,she sure knows how to put a smile on a mans face,many thanks Demi and the agency.

  • Reviewer: Kevin
17th February 2012

demi brings a smile that is as stunning as her personality, time just flys when you are with this beautiful young lady, treat her gently and you will be amazed,
thank you demi xxx

  • Reviewer: Dave

To book Demi please call

0113 876 0760

(Our phones are sometimes very busy, if you can't get through please keep trying.)

Favourite Music R&B
Favourite Song My Kind of Love Emeli Sande
Favourite Book The Secret
Favourite Film The Notebook
Favourite Food Spanish Tapas
Favourite Drink Red Wine
Favourite Hotel Malmasion
Favourite Restaurant San Carlos
Favourite Clothes Designer Chloe
Favourite Shoe Designer Yves Saint Laurent
Shoe Size 6
Favourite Designer Handbag Chloe
Favourite Lingerie Brand Ann Summers
Favourite Lipstick Colour Red
Favourite Perfume Eberle
Favourite Gift Perfume
My Perfect Holiday Destination Maldives
Perfect Date Candlelit Meal
An Item I Can't Live Without Phone
Dog or Cat Cat
3 Words Which Describe Me Exotic/Happy/Sexy
What Makes Me Feel Sexy Killer heels
Killer Heels or Flats? Killer Heels
Swimsuit or Bikini? Bikini
Sports Interest's Tennis
How I Keep Fit Walking

Booking Information For Demi


PreBookings: YES


Available for PreBookings when not showing on the rota: YES


Demi offers the following Booking Type:

Male: YES

Female: NO

Couples: NO

Duos: YES

Dinner Dates: YES

Overnights: YES

Travel Companion:  NO


Available for Incalls:

Leeds Incalls  - Minimum Booking Time  From 45 Minutes (Rates Showing On Profile)

45 Minute Incall Bookings Are Available Between Monday To Friday 9am - 6pm.

Available for Outcalls:

Leeds Outcalls From 1hr (Rates showing on Profile)

Any Outcalls Locations That Are Of A Minimum 1.5hrs Couple Bookings Will Be Available For 1hr Bookings In These Locations. 


Travel Rates:


Travel rates displayed on the Escorts Profile are for Central locations within displayed areas. Some Postcodes may vary and would require additions Travel charges to be applied.

Please Confirm with Our Reception team when making a booking the total Booking Rate including Travel Costs.


Minimum Booking Time:


Minimum Booking Times do apply for Escorts that are Traveling a long Distance You can either find this information on your Chosen Escorts Profile or Please Ask Our Reception Team.




A lot of our ladies are popular so it is advised to make a PreBooking. You can do this by calling through to the agency lines, Chatting with us on Live Chat or Booking via Email.

All Prebookings will need to be reconfirmed the day of the booking. Please confirm your PreBooking by 10am Monday to Friday, Saturday by 11am and Sunday by 12pm.

If you have not confirmed you would like the booking to go ahead the booking time will be available to other clients.  

Some of our Ladies do not offer PreBookings so you can ask to be added to the waiting list.




Some of our Escorts require you to pay in full via Bank Transfer for Bookings outside of their Based areas from 11pm onwards.

The transfer must be make and in the Bank before the chosen Escorts is set to travel.


Booking Deposits:


For longer Bookings like Overnights a non refundable deposit will need to be paid by the client to secure the booking.   


Extension Rates:


If you wish to extend your booking once it has commenced Extension Rates vary to standard Rates on the website so Please confirm with your chosen Escort and Our Reception Team.


Addition Charges:


If you wish to have a booking outside the agency opening times additional Charges will be applied.




If you cancel your booking on the ladies arrival you will need to pay a £50 cancelation charge along with any travel cost that may have been incurred.

If you can no longer attend a booking you have made please cancel in plenty of time to avoid a cancelation charge or no further bookings. Continually Canceling Bookings made will result in no further bookings with us.


Late to a Booking:


We understand that being late can happen and we try and accommodate clients as much as possible. If you you are late to a bookings we will try and make sure you get the full Booking length whenever possible but there are occasions where  your lateness will come out of your booking time. The full Booking rate will still need to be paid.


Changing Booking Durations:


On arrival to a booking you will not be able to change your booking for a lesser booking time.

You will need to pay the Full booking rate of the original booking made.

If you wish to book for a lesser time than originally booked Please give the agency a call in plenty of time to make changes to your booking duration.    


Missed Bookings:


If you do not attend a Booking you have made you will not longer be able to make any further bookings with our agency.


Client Conduct:


The agency is within its rights to refuse bookings to any client who are rude, aggressive, abrupt or intoxicated. If agency safety procedures are not being compiled with no booking will be made as we are not prepared to put our ladies safety at risk.     


Clothing Requests:


If you have a specific outfit in mind when making a booking or Prebooking Please tell our receptionist stuff when calling so we can pass your requests on and make sure all requests are met.  


Booking Type Request: If you have a specific booking type you require then please tell our Reception team when calling so we can make sure all requests are met.  




Demi's Stats

5ft 6in
Dress Size:
Shoe Size:
Bust Type:
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Type:


Wed 16th January:
Thu 17th January:
Fri 18th January:
Sat 19th January:
Sun 20th January:
Mon 21st January:
Tue 22nd January:

Pre bookings can be made on N/A days (subject to availability)


Rates & Locations

Demi is based in Leeds

Payment Method: Cash

Leeds Incalls

45 mins £130
1 hour £150
1.5 hours £220
2 hours £290
3 hours £430
4 hours £570
5 hours £710

All incall rates are inclusive of travel costs.

Leeds Outcalls

1 hour £160
1.5 hours £240
2 hours £290
3 hours £430
4 hours £570
5 hours £650
6 hours £780
Overnight 10 hours £1000
Overnight 12 hours £1200

All outcall rates are inclusive of travel costs.

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