Brunette Escorts in Chester

Please note that all images of our ladies are genuine

Some of the worlds' most beautiful women were, and are brunette, including Vivien Leigh, Sophia Loren, Angelina Jolie, and Catherine Zeta Jones. Their dominant hair colour has often been used by themselves to explain much of the success and notoriety they have received.

As an alternative to frequently seen blonde hair colour, brunette hair is making a long awaited come back with more and more women looking for a sophisticated colour to enhance their natural beauty. The revival of brunette locks, from soft light brown to almost black, has been seen most recently on the fashion catwalks of the world and will no doubt be the preferred colour to many of the models taking part in the Chester Fashion Festival, a fashion and shopping extravaganza that is presented each year by fashion designers and retailers from the region.

Our exquisite brunette escorts demonstrate just how elegant and sophisticated brown hair looks. Ranging from warm chestnut tones to exotic, dark chocolate shades they are a display of beautiful women with integrity and distinction. With matching green, brown or hazel eyes our dark haired ladies will have no problem hypnotising you with their sensuous, sultry looks combined with their stunning figures and affable personalities.

If blonde females have always been your preference, why not deviate from your usual choice and make an appointment with one of McKenzies brunette escorts and witness for yourself the real beauty of these girls. Allow them to show you that it is definitely not the case that 'blondes have more fun'. They are all as equally fun loving, entertaining, and naughty as our blonde models...perhaps even more so.

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