An Interview With Lois

23rd May 2018

This is Lois's Interview Hope you enjoy!


What’s your name and a little about yourself?


My name Lois, when I’m not working, I love the outdoors and like to travel & visit new places. I keep fit by going to Pole fitness and Silks classes and my favourite food is anything spicy.


What is your job role within the Mckenzies Team?


My role is Receptionist Manager which means I work alongside the other receptionists but also have additional duties to help with the smooth running of the agency.


How Long have you worked on reception for?


I have been with McKenzies for a little over 1yr.


How did you get a Job at Mckenzies?


I was approached by the boss!


Why did you want to be a receptionist at Mckenzies?


The job is fairly niche and certainly NOT boring! I am able to work from home which is perfect for me. It is a job which keeps you on your toes and throws new challenges pretty much everyday.


What do you like about your job?


I like that the job isn’t mundane, we work together to create new ideas on how to improve the agency and make it a safe and fun working environment for the girls and a pleasurable experience for the client.


What do you dislike about your job?


Rude clients & Escorts that think the agency should revolve around them!!!!


Whats makes Mckenzies different from all the other agencies?


We have a polite and respectful reception team and work hard to make each booking go ahead with minimal fuss and will always try to accommodate both the girl & the client whatever their requests!


Whats the boss like? (lol)


The boss is lovely. She’s got a great sense of humour and wonderful personality. She is very ambitious and is always coming up with new ideas for the agency. The boss is also very appreciative of the hard work we all put into running the agency.


What is the Mckenzies behind the scenes Team Like?


I think they are great!!


Do you have any favourite escorts working for the agency?


My favourite escorts are the ones that communicate well with reception staff and are happy to go above and beyond to make a booking one to remember for each client.


What advice would you give a new client looking to make a booking with the agency?


I always reassure new clients that we are a professional agency & that we pride ourselves on being discreet.


What advice would you give a New escort joining the agency?


Always be nice to the reception team.


What feedback would you give to the ladies that work for Mckenzies Now?


Some Escorts need to be reminded to respond to Texts a little faster but on the whole, we’ve got the best selection of gorgeous girlies.


Do you see yourself working for Mckenzies Long term?


Yes, Indeed I do...


What's your prediction for Mckenzies in the future?


It can only improve, with more great girls & staff...


How do you relax when your not working?


I look forward to a holiday but day to day I look forward to Pole & Silks


Anything else you want to say about Mckenzies as an agency?


I’m very happy that I work for McKenzies, I feel that as a staff member, I am very much appreciated which is important for me.