An Interview With Millie

2nd June 2018

We hope you Enjoy Millie's Interview!


What’s your name and a little about yourself?

Millie Im a mum of two with a cutie for a husband. I enjoy my gym classes and lots of shopping.


What is your job role within the Mckenzies Team?



How Long have you worked on reception for?

5 Years


How did you get a Job at Mckenzies?

Through my family


Why did you want to be a receptionist at Mckenzies?

I wanted to get my teeth into something new and it fit well around my Family.


What do you like about your job?

I like that it can be really flexible with time off and holidays,, and it’s also very interesting


What do you dislike about your job?

Not much, mainly just time wasting clients


Whats makes Mckenzies different from all the other agencies?

We have gorgeous girls and a live chat which you don’t always get on other agencies website


Whats the boss like? (lol)

A Dream


What is the Mckenzies behind the scenes Team Like?



Do you have any favourite escorts working for the agency?

Pippa, Isabella, Sophia & Nadia


What advice would you give a new client looking to make a booking with the agency?

Always be polite and courteous to the ladies, that way both parties can enjoy the experience.


What advice would you give a New escort joining the agency?

Always be polite but firm with clients & get some bits together in a bag so your always ready for different clients requests.

Stick to the rules and pay your fees on time


What feedback would you give to the ladies that work for Mckenzies Now?

Get different clothing options for the clients and keep it with you to give them the best experience.


Do you see yourself working for Mckenzies Long term?

I do.

At the minute my children are still not in full time school but once they both are, I would look at extending my hours (if possible) and hopefully progressing further.


What's your prediction for Mckenzies in the future?

Take over the North and expand the business more in London


How do you relax when your not working?

I like to catch up on my reality shows and have a nice bath


Anything else you want to say about Mckenzies as an agency?

We’re The Best