An Interview With Ruby

7th June 2018

Here is Ruby's Interview!



What’s your name and a little about yourself?


Hello my name is Ruby! I love Traveling the world and doing Yoga


What is your job role within the Mckenzies Team?


I am a receptionist for Mckenzies Escorts


How Long have you worked on reception for?


A few Years Now


How did you get a Job at Mckenzies?


I know Harper personally


Why did you want to be a receptionist at Mckenzies?


Mckenzies is a fantastic Brand  


What do you like about your job?


I like all the different types of Clients and Ladies i get to speak too! Not shift is the same. I also like that it is constantly on the go crazy busy it’s exciting


What do you dislike about your job?


No Show Clients there is just no need for it..  It’s disappointing not only to me but to the escorts as well (why would anybody want to disappoint a beautiful lady)


Whats makes Mckenzies different from all the other agencies?


It’s not just an Escort agency it is a Brand.. We are always improving updating bring in new features..


Whats the boss like? (lol)


Harper is very ambitious.. Very hands on as an agency owner. She has a fantastic rapport with the Ladies that work with us.. She is firm but fair!

She is definitely a glass half full kind of girl and can always find a silver lining even in the darkest of clouds. As for the receptionist team she is very motivating and appreciative of all our hard work!



What is the Mckenzies behind the scenes Team Like?


We have an amazing behind the scenes team.. Everyone has their responsibilities outside of being on reception so we are all working on making the agency even better..


Do you have any favourite escorts working for the agency?


My Favourite Escorts are the ones that sign on to work on time and turn up to bookings on time.. You know who you are Ladies!


What advice would you give a new client looking to make a booking with the agency?


We have so many cool features on the website so have a look. If you become a member you will have access to all the extra naughty features! Be polite to the reception staff it will make the booking experience a lot more enjoyable for both of us!


What advice would you give a New escort joining the agency?


Communication is the key! Be on time, flexible and not difficult to get to bookings.

Make New Clients into Regular Clients. Make an effort with your Photo shoot


What feedback would you give to the ladies that work for Mckenzies Now?

Don’t get complacent! Stay on top form, Maintain yourselves maintain your Regular Clients, Be on time and prepared.


Do you see yourself working for Mckenzies Long term?


Absolutely! So Excited to see what happens!


What's your prediction for Mckenzies in the future?


It can only get better! More Areas More Stunning Ladies


How do you relax when your not working?


I Love Yoga so I do that a lot, I wouldn’t say i’m a foodie but i love to go out to eat with good company and nice wine!


Anything else you want to say about Mckenzies as an agency?


If you are a new client and have never booked get booking! We are a Professional Agency with some stunning Ladies.. You will be pleasantly surprised by the experience you have with us.


For Ladies looking to join why haven’t you already we are a fantastic agency with a great support system and plenty of work for the right ladies!