Interview with Felicity

27th June 2018

We hope you enjoy Felicty's Interview 


What’s your name and a little about yourself?

Felicity and i am a outgoing bubbly person and they call me the mother of the agency.


What is your job role within the Mckenzies Team?

Manager & Receptionist 


How Long have you worked on reception for?


About 4 years


How did you get a Job at Mckenzies?

Through an old receptionist who use to work for Mckenzies


Why did you want to be a receptionist at Mckenzies?

It was a job i had never done before and i was looking forward to learning a new job role


What do you like about your job?

As they say it’s a new day everyday at Mckenzies and working with the team of receptionist and ladys we have is a pleasure


What do you dislike about your job?

Dealing with clients who don’t show up to their bookings.


What's makes Mckenzies different from all the other agencies?

We are just totally different to how we run things and how we look after our ladies and clients we always offer the 5 star experience


What's the boss like? (lol)

I have known Harper for many years now and she is a pleasure to work for she is fair and professional boss. Top class!


What is the Mckenzies behind the scenes Team Like?

We are one big family and all get on great .


Do you have any favourite escorts working for the agency?

Sadie, Adriana, Jessica, Kay, Isabella, Sakia, But we have a great bunch of ladies that work for us and are all brilliant to work with.


What advice would you give a new client looking to make a booking with the agency?

Please don’t be nervous when booking with us as we have a very professional team and we will always guide you through your booking to make it run as smooth as possible, but if you can’t make your booking as your have to do is let us know and we understand all situations


What advice would you give a New escort joining the agency?

Always be polite and look after clients as we do offer a very professional service that's why we have a great client base


What feedback would you give to the ladies that work for Mckenzies Now?

That we are very busy and always be ready to take booking and sign on so you don't miss out.


Do you see yourself working for Mckenzies Long term?



What's your prediction for Mckenzies in the future?

That we will still be the best but covering more areas .


How do you relax when your not working?

I enjoy gardening and football


Anything else you want to say about Mckenzies as an agency?

It is a pleasure and still a pleasure to work for Mckenzies, I can't see myself ever leaving or working for another agency. We class ourselves as a big family and it works .