Interview with Suzie

29th June 2018

We Hope you Enjoy Suzie's Interview 

What’s your name and a little about yourself?

I’m Suzie I am a mum of two children,

I love music, a good party and am also a part time scare actor to which is great fun and I have been able to achieve some amazing things within that role.


What is your job role within the Mckenzies Team?



How Long have you worked on reception for?

I have worked on Reception since about Oct 2015


How did you get a Job at Mckenzies?

My friend was receptionist at the time for Mckenzies and they were recruiting for a new Receptionist and my friend put me forwards for the position, then her and Felicity trained me up for it.


Why did you want to be a receptionist at Mckenzies?

It was a position that I could work from home and around my family life.

A small happy team and I like talking to clients as have always worked in customer related roles, so thought it would be something that would suit me as I’m an open minded individual.


What do you like about your job?

I like I get to work from home and have we have a good team that I work with.

I love talking to clients and helping them with their bookings, every day is different in some shape or form. It can be challenging but that’s good keeps me on my toes. The ladies are fabulous to most of the time (ha ha)


What do you dislike about your job?

Not much to be honest, It can be crazy sometimes and not enough hands and late late nights when we finish, but it’s ok as I have always been a night owl so it suits me really.



What makes Mckenzies different from all the other agencies?

We look after our ladies and we strive to give them the best work environment possible. As for the clients we give every client an amazing enjoyable experience every time they book with us from calling reception through to the end of their booking. Our Reception team keep everything running smoothly and offer a discreet professional service.


What's the boss like? (lol)

The boss is very on hands with all we do to make us the best we can be, She can be a little fiery  occasionally but it’s her business and she has every right to be if we get it wrong or mess up.

She is always coming up with new ideas to make it a better business and keep us at our top game. I think we all have a good relationship with the boss as we are a tight knit team.


What is the Mckenzies behind the scenes Team Like?

They are a great team, fun to work with and hard working.


Do you have any favourite escorts working for the agency?

I have worked with some longer than others so Isabella and Pippa I get on really well with. Adriana, Melissa and Honey are great Ladies that I get on really well with to.


What advice would you give a new client looking to make a booking with the agency?

I would advise them we have some amazing ladies to book in with if they can’t make their mind up then I can make a recommendation for them for somebody suitable.  If they ask about what the ladies offer I would advise them to sign up as a member which is free and that will give them extra information which would help them choose the right Escort for them.  


What advice would you give a New escort joining the agency?

I would advise New Escorts joining the agency communication is the key! Follow the agency procedures and always come to a member of the team if you have any issues or need help.

We are an all female team with many year knowledge of the industry.   


What feedback would you give to the ladies that work for Mckenzies Now?

That I enjoy working with them, It’s enjoyable getting to know them all a little more each day, as that helps me do my job and get them bookings as I get to know their personalities more. I think they do a great job and hope they enjoy working with me as much as I do them.


Do you see yourself working for Mckenzies Long term?

I would like to think so yes, I enjoy my job and the whole team we have in place.

Everyday brings new challenges, and I feel I have grown and learned a lot being here so far.


What’s your prediction for Mckenzies in the future?

I see us growing more and more and getting busier by the day. Covering more areas with more ladies, maybe a couple of more incall locations in other areas.


How do you relax when your not working?

I like to see my friends, go for lunch or dinner. Anything food related is always a good thing. Spend time with my children and get out and about in the fresh air when possible. Catching up with a good series on netflix and chilling out.


Anything else you want to say about Mckenzies as an agency?

I think looking at other agencies over time, we are way way better than any others I have seen advertised on any other sites and google. We are classy not trashy. When a client says they think we are the best and they won’t use anybody else it makes me proud to be part of the team here. We have some stunning ladies only the best and a brilliant team too.