PreBookings at Mckenzies

4th July 2019

Here is all your need to know about PreBooking at Mckenzies!

Why PreBook? 

Our Stunning Escorts get very busy, so to avoid being left feeling disappointed, PreBooking is a great way to book the date and time that suits you best.

Our Fantastic team of Receptionists will talk you through the PreBooking process and pass on any requests you may have. 


How can I PreBook?

Firstly, take a look at our Rota to see if your chosen Escort is available on the day and time you would like to see them. If they aren’t that isn’t a problem, you can still get in contact and we will do our very best to try and arrange your booking anyway. 

You can either call through to the agency reception team and they will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

You may also PreBook using Mckenzies Live chat via our website. To make a PreBooking via Live chat we would first need your contact telephone number before any booking can be made.


What if my Chosen Escort isn’t available on the day or time i desire?

This is not a problem, a lot of our ladies are open to taking PreBookings outside of their Rota Availability. It will either state on the rota if available for PreBookings or give our Reception team a call, they can take all the relevant details, contact your chosen Escort/s and see if they could make themselves available just for you ;) If your chosen Escort can’t be available, we will always recommend an alternative Escort.


What if my Chosen Escort is already PreBooked at the time i would like? 

We can either contact you if the original PreBooked Client doesn’t confirm or you are more than welcome to book in for another time. 


What happens if I don’t confirm my PreBooking in time?

Our Reception team will contact you the morning of the PreBooking asking you to confirm you would still like to go ahead. If we haven’t heard from you by the time stated in the morning PreBooking confirmation text message, the time slot will be available to other clients. 

If you get in touch after the time window we will do our very best to get you booked in at a time that suits you. 


What if I need to cancel my PreBooking, do I get in touch?

Yes please that would be greatly appreciated! You can either call through to the Reception team or speak to us on Live Chat. You may also have been contacted via Text Message so you can contact us that way too. 


What happens if I make a Prebooking and keep canceling it or don’t confirm on the day?

If this is a constant recurrence, unfortunately you will no longer be able to make PreBookings with our agency.


Are there different types of PreBookings?

Yes. Here at Mckenzies we have two different types of PreBookings.

The First is a Standard PreBooking where more established long term Escorts will take PreBookings During Rota availability and also, if they are able to, when they are not showing as available on the rota. On the day of the PreBooking you will be contacted asking you to confirm you still would like your PreBooking to go ahead. If we haven’t heard from you by a time stated by our reception team in the morning Prebooking confirmation text, the time slot will instantly become available to other clients. 

The Second type of PreBooking is for our Waiting list. PreBookings made on the waiting list are for the ladies that are New to the agency or still settling in. You can still request a date and time you would like to see your chosen Escort and once they have confirmed their availability on that day, you will be contacted to confirm your booking can go ahead.


Any other questions you have about Prebookings please get in touch with our Reception team.

Check out the rota for Prebooking availability and also Latest News for Prebooking availability for the coming weeks.